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2006 Litter Blog
Thursday, 7 December 2006
Emergency C-section
Rally started pre-labor at 11:35pm on December 6, everything seemed to progressing normally and at 1:30am she had her first contractions.  By 2:30am we were beginning to get worried when she did not have the first puppy since she had whelped quickly and easily for her first litter.  At 3:00am we called the UC Davis Emergency Clinic and told them we thought there was a problem.  They asked us to wait 30 more minutes and then if no puppy was born then call back.  At 3:30am there was still no puppy, we were instructed to bring her in.  Once we were there, they did a physical exam and got her in for x-rays.  The x-rays should that the first puppy was mispositioned and could not enter the birth canal.  They tried to reposition the puppy with no luck.  They did an ultrasound to check on the status of the puppies, 2 had healthy heartbeats, 1 was in distress, and 1 could not be located.  We agreed that a C-section was the best option for Rally and the pups.  They began calling in the surgical team at 4:45am.  Rally was mostly prepped by by 5:45am and the surgeon wanted to begin the procedure by 6:15am.  They have sent us home to wait and get everything ready for the pups.  We will hopefully hear about the condition of the pups in the next hour and everyone should be ready to come home by noon.  Sam and I are a nervous wreck and it is difficult to keep busy while waiting for news.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 6:22 AM PST
Sunday, 3 December 2006
So Big Around
This is as curled up as Rally can get with her belly as big as it is.  She has been periodically checking out whelping spots.  We are keeping an eye on her.  We are entering the "anytime now" stage.  Though her due date isn't until Wednesday we have gotten everything ready.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 7:41 PM PST
Friday, 1 December 2006
Spines and Skulls
Today was Rally's x-ray.  She was very excited about going for a car ride since everyone else has been going to agility class and she has had to stay home.  She was very disappointed to find that we were only going to vet not to play with all the fun stuff.  She was good for her x-ray and ate her cookie happily while we waited for them to develop it.  We could easily see 4 pups, just like in the ultrasound.  Everyone has a nice amount of space and mom is progressing normally.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 6:17 PM PST
Wednesday, 29 November 2006
8 Weeks, 1 to Go
We are at 8 weeks, 1 more week until her due date.  She is pretty big now and asks to go out more often.  The pups are pretty active in the morning and the evening.  I can feel them moving around pretty easily now.  She has been very cuddly this week and gives us a look that seems to say, "Okay, they can hurry up and be born already."

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 5:59 AM PST
Sunday, 26 November 2006
Whelping Box
We have finally put up the whelping box.  Rally seemed happy to see it.  She checked it out to make sure we set everything up right.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 8:04 PM PST
Friday, 24 November 2006
They Kick
Laying in bed with Rally this morning, I could feel the pups moving around!  Rally had a nice Thanksgiving and enjoyed her small sampling of turkey.  The pups must have liked it too. :)

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 9:40 AM PST
Wednesday, 22 November 2006
7 Weeks, Bed Hog
With her belly so big Rally doesn't curl up to sleep anymore.  She stays all stretched out to give the babies room.  It makes her quite the bed hog.  She likes to keep warm staying close to the heater or snuggling laying close to her daughter Rio.  We should have the whelping pen up by the end of this weekend.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 10:43 AM PST
Wednesday, 15 November 2006
6 weeks down, 3 weeks to go

We have just about 3 weeks left to Rally's expected due date.  She is getting bigger and starting to look for a good place to nest.  Her favorite spot right now is the back of the closet.  This was her favorite spot with the last litter, too.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 8:11 PM PST
Monday, 6 November 2006
Starting to Show

Rally is just starting to look pregnant.  Her waist is starting to disappear.  She is also looking to eat for 5 and to hogging all the warm spots for herself.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 8:16 PM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 15 November 2006 8:10 PM PST
Saturday, 4 November 2006
We're Definately Expecting
Rally is definately pregnant.  Her ultrasound showed 4 puppies just like her first litter.  She is apparently pretty set and having a repeat performance since she is due only one day earlier than her last litter. 

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 11:50 AM PST

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