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2006 Litter Blog
Wednesday, 29 November 2006
8 Weeks, 1 to Go
We are at 8 weeks, 1 more week until her due date.  She is pretty big now and asks to go out more often.  The pups are pretty active in the morning and the evening.  I can feel them moving around pretty easily now.  She has been very cuddly this week and gives us a look that seems to say, "Okay, they can hurry up and be born already."

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 5:59 AM PST
Sunday, 26 November 2006
Whelping Box
We have finally put up the whelping box.  Rally seemed happy to see it.  She checked it out to make sure we set everything up right.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 8:04 PM PST
Friday, 24 November 2006
They Kick
Laying in bed with Rally this morning, I could feel the pups moving around!  Rally had a nice Thanksgiving and enjoyed her small sampling of turkey.  The pups must have liked it too. :)

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 9:40 AM PST
Wednesday, 22 November 2006
7 Weeks, Bed Hog
With her belly so big Rally doesn't curl up to sleep anymore.  She stays all stretched out to give the babies room.  It makes her quite the bed hog.  She likes to keep warm staying close to the heater or snuggling laying close to her daughter Rio.  We should have the whelping pen up by the end of this weekend.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 10:43 AM PST
Wednesday, 15 November 2006
6 weeks down, 3 weeks to go

We have just about 3 weeks left to Rally's expected due date.  She is getting bigger and starting to look for a good place to nest.  Her favorite spot right now is the back of the closet.  This was her favorite spot with the last litter, too.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 8:11 PM PST
Monday, 6 November 2006
Starting to Show

Rally is just starting to look pregnant.  Her waist is starting to disappear.  She is also looking to eat for 5 and to hogging all the warm spots for herself.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 8:16 PM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 15 November 2006 8:10 PM PST
Saturday, 4 November 2006
We're Definately Expecting
Rally is definately pregnant.  Her ultrasound showed 4 puppies just like her first litter.  She is apparently pretty set and having a repeat performance since she is due only one day earlier than her last litter. 

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 11:50 AM PST
Friday, 13 October 2006
Everyone is Home
We have gotten back home after long drive to Arizona and back to pick up Rally.  She was happy to see me and Sam.  Her tail just wouldn't stop wagging.  She has been extra cuddly since we picked her up on Wednesday.  Now we wait for the ultrasound.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 1:57 PM PDT
Friday, 6 October 2006
The Time was Finally Right

I drove Rally down to Arizona this weekend expecting her to be ready to be bred on Monday or at the latest Tuesday.  By Wednesday I was starting to get really anxious and had to get back home to catch up on some work.  It was really tough but I decided to go ahead and leave Rally with Bev Bland so we could let nature take its course.  I have been calling every day at least once if not twice to check on how Rally is doing, it is really hard to not have her at home.  Apparently the time was finally right today and hopefully we can expect puppies in about 61 days.  I will schedule a ultrasound appointment for 28 days from now.  Now I just need to sort out the details of picking Rally up later this week.

Posted by kineticbasenjis at 5:01 PM PDT

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